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Are you a bank that wants to increase insurance sales?

Leverage your data to become THE main insurance partner for your customers.


Fee-Based Revenue


High Customer Retention


Hassle-Free Integration


What is Lyyna?

Lyyna provides a platform which analyses data and enables banks to engage proactively and digitally with their customers to offer them personalized insurance recommendations at the right moments.  

With Lyyna you will able to …

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Proactively offer context-specific insurance at the right time.
  • Offer glasses insurance on the purchase of new glasses.

  • Offer art insurance on the purchase of a new piece of art.

  • Offer gap insurance on the purchase of a new car.

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Proactively offer insurance at a favourable timing in a personalized manner.
  • Offer life insurance if the customer expects a baby.

  • Offer teeth insurance shortly after the dentist visit.

  • Offer motor insurance just before the renewal date.

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Help customers to optimise how they spend money on insurance
  • Suggest the customer cancel their existing travel insurance if they rarely travel or have travel insurance included in their credit card.

  • When a customer buys a smartphone, show them how the existing insurance contracts cover their smartphone.  

Insurance Produts

Insurance Products

Comprehensive solution for all types of insurance, putting you in the driver's seat:

Lyyna digitalizes the insurance advisory and sales for all types of insurance products:

  • Life insurance

  • Health insurance

  • P&C insurance

  • Micro-insurance


Lyyna is a technology provider and not an insurance company. You can define which insurance products you want to offer and which insurance companies you would like to collaborate with.




The platform is composed of the following modules:

  • Real-time analysis module analyses, using AI, different types of banking data to detect insurance-relevant signals in real-time.

  • Personalized engagement engine. A bank can define trigger-based campaigns, engagement strategies, and policies. The engine decides, using machine learning, if and how to best engage with the customer based on the defined bank policies.  

  • White-label customer journey & recommendation engine enables the digital insurance customer journey configuration according to the bank's requirements. The digital journey can then be plugged-in into different environments.

Key characteristics:

  • Flexible: The platform can be configured according to the bank's needs

  • Easy to integrate: The Platform can be easily integrated into the banking IT landscape. It is possible to perform a PoC with no IT integration. 

  • Secure and data compliant: The platform was built with IT security and compliance in focus.

  • Modular: The different modules can be used independently

Key differentiator:

  • Focus on bancassurance. For example, real-time data are analysed to cater to time-sensitive use cases. Furthermore, Lyyna's AI model can detect a wide range of relevant insurance moments.

  • Data augmentation Lyyna enriches the banking data with external data to improve the data analysis output.

  • Complete stack: Banks do not need to integrate and ensure the interoperability of different modules.

  • Integration with your insurance partners. Enabling you to provide your customer with different digital insurance products seamlessly and coherently.

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